Steel Or Aluminum, Which One Should I Choose

Many people are always stuck on whether to use steel or aluminum in their fencing. Both of them offer high utility and are durable. What then should you consider when making a choice of one over the other? Your fencing needs will determine which of the two metal to choose. But let this article highlight on the pros and cons of each so you have something in your grasp when your fencing company comes with residential fence designs.


As mentioned in the starting paragraph, aluminum is durable and will take ages before it looks ugly on your fence. It is resilient to weather and will stand strong with minimum maintenance, it should look as good as new for a very protracted period.

Despite being durable it is not as costly as steel. If you want to reduce cost but still have durable and beautiful fence it is an option you can go for. It also has a very low environmental cost because it is 100% recyclable. You should not therefore fear replacing your fence when it looks ready to give way to another fence.

Aluminum fence materials are effective in holding in children and pets. However, if you are looking forward to raise your security levels, your fencing company will advise you against aluminum because it can easily be bent and thus can be brittle. Most fencing companies will advise you to use it when you have a goal of securing your yard or garden for the sake of your children and pets when you have high aesthetic goals.

Security and durability
Steel is tough and is the best choice to be used to meet high security needs. Your fencing company will advise you to use galvanized steel if your goal is to have a fence that can last your lifetime and longer while still providing maximum security.

Compared to aluminum, steel is more expensive. But the cost can be argued away because it is tougher and resistant to damage. You can therefore you can be sure it will last longer when faced by forces that could bend and break aluminum.

Con of steel:
Steel is heavy and may be difficult to install and that way may it may be time consuming and more costly compared to its aluminum counterpart.
Which one is best for you?

The question n of the best one will always depend on your needs, budget, and circumstances. If you need a security fence, galvanized steel may be the choice to go for. But still is not the best choice to go for when looking for a fence for your residential home. Steel is recommended for industrial fencing while aluminum is recommended for residence

Disambiguating Chain Link Fences And What You Need To Know Before You Install A Chain Link Fence Boston

Chain link fences are one of the fence types that people explore installing around their property. If you are interested in getting one, this article will shed more insight into what you must know before you get one.

The components

a) Chain link fabric

This is the fabric that is created by interweaving a series of wires. These wires are interwoven in such a way that they create a diamond pattern. Chain link fence Boston come in different sizes and gauges. The most popular size is the 2 pattern. 2 refers to the distance of the space between the wires.

b) Understanding the gauge

The gauge of the wire refers to the thickness of the wire. Gauges are graduated into different categories with the higher the gauge, the smaller the wire diameter. Below are the most common gauges in the market today:

i) 6 gauge

ii) 9 gauge

iii) 11 gauge

iv) 11 and a half gauge

9 gauge is mostly found in residences and commercial properties. 11 gauge and above are used to erect temporary fences. 6 gauge is utilized for security purposes.

c) Coatings for chain link materials

It is important that when you are looking for good fences to consider the coating. Make sure you get the top fence contractors Houston, Texas.This will impact the chain link fences durability as they will be vigorously attacked by the elements.

There are three type of coating for chain link fences: galvanized, spectra and perfused. Galvanized fences are coated in zinc. They are mostly found in residential areas. Spectra coated materials are coated with PVC and more expensive than zinc. Perfuse is where the fence is coated with a polyolefin and is very expensive. This is found in commercial properties where security and longevity of the fences is paramount.

d) Selvage

This refers to how the top and bottom strands are finished. There are two common types of selvage namely knuckle and barbed. Knuckle is safer than barbed wire which has sharp ends.

e) To do or not to do concrete footings

Sometime back, one would as supposed to add concrete footing to the posts before you worked on them. Nowadays, when you want to put up a chain link fence, you have the whole step and no concrete footings are required. Today, all you have to is drive the posts deep into the ground, four feet approximately with post driver. When you use a post driver, the integrity of the ground is assured since there is no digging involved. Plus, this new technology makes chain link installation quick.

Overall, finding the perfect fence needs the owner to put in some concerted effort in order to get right on the first try.

Wood Fence

If you are looking for a great way to enclose your property and still make sure that your home keeps its appeal then a wooden fence may be what you are looking for. Most people that have children want to make sure that their small children remain inside the fence and dont wander off, and many want to make sure that their property has privacy from anyone and anything that they deem unfit, then look into getting a wooden fence.

Here are a few advantages to getting a wood fence. Wooden fences have several different styles and materials that you can choose from and in comparison to the other materials that fences come in this one is amongst the most reasonable. One of the good things about wooden fences is that they can be painted and treated in just about any color that will be a match for your home. It is very versatile so it can be made in just about any shape and it is safe for the environment as well.

There are several different types of wood that you can choose from and depending on the climate that you live in, the look of your yard, the look and color of your home; there are certain kinds of wood fences that would better accommodate your needs.

Fences that are made out of pine are the most popular materials that are used. Pine wood is soft which makes working with it easier and it can be treated so that no pests like termites invade it and it can also be treated to prevent rotting. There are also things that can be used on pine that will cause it to not warp, swell or shrink.

Spruce is a wood that is harder than pine and therefore it makes a strong choice. Spruce has a lighter weight and only shrinks a little but the downside is that in bad weather conditions spruce will decay.

Cypress is a durable, hard and fragrant wood that has fewer knots than many of the other wood types. Cypressene is a type of oil that the cypress emits and it helps to naturally preserve the tree which makes it resilient to bugs and decay.

Redwood is one of the wood materials that are a natural repellent to termites and rot. Redwood is a long lasting material that is able to absorb finishes very well. This wood is the more expensive types compared to the rest.

Cedar is a reddish color and has a kind of sweet aroma to it. It easier to work with, it last longer and is resistant to decay and because of these things it is amongst the expensive materials just like redwood.

There are many types of things that can be done with wood when it comes to fencing and they are board on board, post and rail, stockade and amongst the most famous is the picket fence.

It will be important that for whichever wooden fence that you choose you should have it sealed every now and then and stained and painted regularly and if you make sure to so these few things your wooden fence will last you for many years.