Steel Or Aluminum, Which One Should I Choose

Many people are always stuck on whether to use steel or aluminum in their fencing. Both of them offer high utility and are durable. What then should you consider when making a choice of one over the other? Your fencing needs will determine which of the two metal to choose. But let this article highlight on the pros and cons of each so you have something in your grasp when your fencing company comes with residential fence designs.


As mentioned in the starting paragraph, aluminum is durable and will take ages before it looks ugly on your fence. It is resilient to weather and will stand strong with minimum maintenance, it should look as good as new for a very protracted period.

Despite being durable it is not as costly as steel. If you want to reduce cost but still have durable and beautiful fence it is an option you can go for. It also has a very low environmental cost because it is 100% recyclable. You should not therefore fear replacing your fence when it looks ready to give way to another fence.

Aluminum fence materials are effective in holding in children and pets. However, if you are looking forward to raise your security levels, your fencing company will advise you against aluminum because it can easily be bent and thus can be brittle. Most fencing companies will advise you to use it when you have a goal of securing your yard or garden for the sake of your children and pets when you have high aesthetic goals.

Security and durability
Steel is tough and is the best choice to be used to meet high security needs. Your fencing company will advise you to use galvanized steel if your goal is to have a fence that can last your lifetime and longer while still providing maximum security.

Compared to aluminum, steel is more expensive. But the cost can be argued away because it is tougher and resistant to damage. You can therefore you can be sure it will last longer when faced by forces that could bend and break aluminum.

Con of steel:
Steel is heavy and may be difficult to install and that way may it may be time consuming and more costly compared to its aluminum counterpart.
Which one is best for you?

The question n of the best one will always depend on your needs, budget, and circumstances. If you need a security fence, galvanized steel may be the choice to go for. But still is not the best choice to go for when looking for a fence for your residential home. Steel is recommended for industrial fencing while aluminum is recommended for residence