Disambiguating Chain Link Fences And What You Need To Know Before You Install A Chain Link Fence Boston

Chain link fences are one of the fence types that people explore installing around their property. If you are interested in getting one, this article will shed more insight into what you must know before you get one.

The components

a) Chain link fabric

This is the fabric that is created by interweaving a series of wires. These wires are interwoven in such a way that they create a diamond pattern. Chain link fence Boston come in different sizes and gauges. The most popular size is the 2 pattern. 2 refers to the distance of the space between the wires.

b) Understanding the gauge

The gauge of the wire refers to the thickness of the wire. Gauges are graduated into different categories with the higher the gauge, the smaller the wire diameter. Below are the most common gauges in the market today:

i) 6 gauge

ii) 9 gauge

iii) 11 gauge

iv) 11 and a half gauge

9 gauge is mostly found in residences and commercial properties. 11 gauge and above are used to erect temporary fences. 6 gauge is utilized for security purposes.

c) Coatings for chain link materials

It is important that when you are looking for good fences to consider the coating. Make sure you get the top fence contractors Houston, Texas.This will impact the chain link fences durability as they will be vigorously attacked by the elements.

There are three type of coating for chain link fences: galvanized, spectra and perfused. Galvanized fences are coated in zinc. They are mostly found in residential areas. Spectra coated materials are coated with PVC and more expensive than zinc. Perfuse is where the fence is coated with a polyolefin and is very expensive. This is found in commercial properties where security and longevity of the fences is paramount.

d) Selvage

This refers to how the top and bottom strands are finished. There are two common types of selvage namely knuckle and barbed. Knuckle is safer than barbed wire which has sharp ends.

e) To do or not to do concrete footings

Sometime back, one would as supposed to add concrete footing to the posts before you worked on them. Nowadays, when you want to put up a chain link fence, you have the whole step and no concrete footings are required. Today, all you have to is drive the posts deep into the ground, four feet approximately with post driver. When you use a post driver, the integrity of the ground is assured since there is no digging involved. Plus, this new technology makes chain link installation quick.

Overall, finding the perfect fence needs the owner to put in some concerted effort in order to get right on the first try.