Create Backyard Privacy With Landscaping

There aren’t too many things that can beat laying in your favorite patio chair lounging in your backyard on a lazy summer day. However, if your yard is a little too easy for those nosey neighbors to see in, ditch those expensive fences in favor of some creative landscape concepts that can create the privacy you need and want. You can bring these landscape ideas to life in a single weekend, putting just a few days in between you and your relaxing, private oasis.

Inexpensive Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas

1. Use Large Planters

Buy numerous big planters and fill them with tall, decorative grass or flowers. Organize the planters in a row along a section of your porch or other area where you want to block the view of onlookers. This is basically an inexpensive version of the classic (but pricey) use of shrubs to form a personal privacy fence.

Typical Costs:

– $15-$ 20 per planter.
– $4-$ 15 per bag of potting soil.
– Don’t forget to factor in the expense of your desired plants!

2. Plant Trees Along Your Property

If you have a bigger lawn (and budget), consider this evergreen personal privacy fence idea. Trees and bushes make fantastic fences, so long as you’re a little client. Fast-growing trees, such as arborvitaes, can reach any wanted height within a couple of years, leaving you with a natural barrier between your yard and your next-door neighbor’s. Plus, all you require to plant a tree is a couple of shovels, some dirt, and the tree itself, making this an easy and low-cost privacy option.

Typical Costs of a Few Common Privacy Trees:

– Thuja “Green Giant” Arborvitae: $17 to $40 per tree for 4.5 quarts to 3-gallon container sizes.
– Leyland Cypress: $20 to $35 per tree for 2 to 3-gallon container sizes.
– Holly: $20 to $45 per tree for 2 to 5.5-gallon container sizes.

3. Develop a Living Wall

You can make a basic living wall by hanging a number of flower boxes from a lattice screen or other frame. Fill the boxes with soil and the plant of your choice. For the most coverage, pick bigger, bushy plants as the primary residents of your boxes. Consider consisting of trailing plants too, to supply cover between boxes. For the green thumbs amongst us, this yard personal privacy concept comes with the benefit of increasing your gardening space.

Average Costs:

– $11-$ 20 per flower box.
– $8-$ 10 per flower box holder.
– $4-$ 15 per bag of potting soil.
– $14-$ 20 per lattice panel.
– Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your wanted plants!

4. Hang Outdoor Curtains Around Your Patio

Simply hang the outdoor curtains of your option from a rope, wire or rods around your patio, patio area or other seating area. You can utilize trees, patio railings and any other durable components in your lawn to hang your curtains. Basic wooden posts can be driven into the ground wherever additional support is required. For extra assistance, drive wood posts into the ground and attach the rod or wire to it. Backyard privacy curtains are easy to DIY and offer a distinct look for your lawn.


Typical Costs:

– $20-$ 50 per set of curtains.
– $11-$ 25 per post (if required).
– Don’t forget to consider the cost of whatever option you choose for suspending your curtains.

5. Purchase a Retractable Backyard Screen

It may not be a DIY yard privacy service, but it is a relatively quick and cheap method to put a wall in between you and any spying eyes. You can discover backyard dividers and screens for sale in almost any home improvement store, both in real life and online. These can be anchored to wood subfloors, such as a backyard deck or patio area, or even concrete using concrete fasteners.

Average Costs:

– $100-300 depending on size and configuration.

6. Develop a Privacy Screen

You can make an eccentric, yet functional, personal privacy screen out of a couple of old doors, either painted to match or left in their initial color. Merely connect each one together using hinges to form a folding screen.

You can likewise purchase pre-built screens made from wicker or wood, depending upon your personal choice.

Typical Costs:

– Upcycled Privacy Screen: Whatever product you choose to upcycle can likely be discovered free of charge around your home or for a little charge at garage sale, flea markets or thrift stores.
– Pre-Built Privacy Screens: $50 to $300 depending on material and length.

7. Put Up a Simple Lattice Fence

All this task takes are a couple of wood posts or boards, depending upon how strong you want your fence to be, and enough lattice to cover them. Before putting the fence together, you can also quickly paint or stain the lattice to complement the color of your home or yard home furnishings. If your design leans more towards a standard privacy fence, this DIY concept is about as basic– and low-cost– as it gets.

Typical Costs:

– $14-$20 per lattice panel.
– $11-$25 per post.

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