retractable Fly Screens For Sliding Doors To Keep Mosquitoes Out

Retractable fly screens for sliding doors, French doors, stacker doors etc. can be invaluable during this period when mosquito activity will be at its’ highest.

Following flooding in NSW in 2016, the Western NSW Local Health District issued a warning to the public to take care against mosquito-borne viruses.

Heavy rains and in particular stagnant water, result in an increase in mosquito breeding.

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Ways To Avoid Termites

Throughout swarming season windows and doors make it simple for termites to occupy your home.

Avoidance ideas:

Ensure windows and doors are kept shut throughout swarming season

Leaky pipes

Leaking drain pipelines produce wetness and damp which termites are attracted to.

Prevention pointers:

Examine external and internal pipes frequentlyFix any damages to pipelines to stop them from leaking


Built in wooden cupboards offers termites with a food source.

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Is It Termites Or Carpenter Ants With Wings?

You might see flying insects around your home and You immediately might consider this problem to be the work of termites. What if the pests doing all this damage were not termites at all but instead carpenter ants with wings? Keep reading or click here for more information. When you spot an infestation in your home, the better a description you can provide to your pest control expert the better they can help you out.

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How to Deal with Pests

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Prevention has always been better than cure and therefore before waiting till your pest situation gets worst take precaution. Get rid of clutter and fix any leaks. You can also learn about the pests you suspect and see where they dwell and how to get rid of their nest.

Try pest prevention first.

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