Wood Fence

If you are looking for a great way to enclose your property and still make sure that your home keeps its appeal then a wooden fence may be what you are looking for. Most people that have children want to make sure that their small children remain inside the fence and dont wander off, and many want to make sure that their property has privacy from anyone and anything that they deem unfit, then look into getting a wooden fence.

Here are a few advantages to getting a wood fence. Wooden fences have several different styles and materials that you can choose from and in comparison to the other materials that fences come in this one is amongst the most reasonable. One of the good things about wooden fences is that they can be painted and treated in just about any color that will be a match for your home. It is very versatile so it can be made in just about any shape and it is safe for the environment as well.

There are several different types of wood that you can choose from and depending on the climate that you live in, the look of your yard, the look and color of your home; there are certain kinds of wood fences that would better accommodate your needs.

Fences that are made out of pine are the most popular materials that are used. Pine wood is soft which makes working with it easier and it can be treated so that no pests like termites invade it and it can also be treated to prevent rotting. There are also things that can be used on pine that will cause it to not warp, swell or shrink.

Spruce is a wood that is harder than pine and therefore it makes a strong choice. Spruce has a lighter weight and only shrinks a little but the downside is that in bad weather conditions spruce will decay.

Cypress is a durable, hard and fragrant wood that has fewer knots than many of the other wood types. Cypressene is a type of oil that the cypress emits and it helps to naturally preserve the tree which makes it resilient to bugs and decay.

Redwood is one of the wood materials that are a natural repellent to termites and rot. Redwood is a long lasting material that is able to absorb finishes very well. This wood is the more expensive types compared to the rest.

Cedar is a reddish color and has a kind of sweet aroma to it. It easier to work with, it last longer and is resistant to decay and because of these things it is amongst the expensive materials just like redwood.

There are many types of things that can be done with wood when it comes to fencing and they are board on board, post and rail, stockade and amongst the most famous is the picket fence.

It will be important that for whichever wooden fence that you choose you should have it sealed every now and then and stained and painted regularly and if you make sure to so these few things your wooden fence will last you for many years.