Tree Services & Tree Care Tips

If one has tree or plants on their property or in their garden whether they are old or young, a commitment needs to be made to look after them to keep them looking beautiful and healthy all the time. Many businesses and organisation out there prefer to maintain their trees and plants on their own without hiring a tree surgeon to do the job for them but the majority of them do not have the skills and the knowhow to do the job properly so that it protects the plants and trees. Tree surgery is a very important skill which takes years to master and for one to do the best for their tree and plants, it is advised to hire a professional tree surgeon to do the job because they have the specialised tools needed to do the job without causing harm to the plants and trees. Treewiz cover the Washington area in Tyne & Wear if you require a professional tree service in that area but they also have locations around the UK.

Caring For Trees

Tree surgeons in the UK offer a large variety of services to business and customers when it comes to tree care.

1. Tree removal is common in the UK and this involves cutting and removing all kinds of trees in an area however, it is important to know that there are some native species of tree which are protected by law. In order to get them removed or cut, one needs to get permission from their local council.

2. Tree pruning, shaping or crown reduction is also very popular among residents in the UK. This involves the reduction in height of a particular tree and it is done to reduce the stress of certain part or the whole tree.

3. The third is crown thinning and this is the removal of small branches often at the outer crown of trees. Tree species that have broader crowns and produce a lot of leaves need to be thinned often to allow more light to enter the garden.

4. The fourth is crown raising and this is the removal of the lowest branches on trees. This is done when customers want to increase light transmission to areas around where the trees are. Care needs to be taken when removing branches because not every part of the tree needs to be cut off.

5. The fifth is tree felling and this is the removal and cutting of trees that have died or become dangerous.

6. The sixth is called stump grinding and this is a special service which most tree surgeons offer for customers and businesses that want to get rid of a tree stump.
Most tree surgeons also offer emergency tree surgery service for fallen and dangerous tree that have collapsed after stormy weather.

What Happens After A Tree Surgery Service Is Booked

1. A time is arranged where a professional tree surgeon will inspect the premises. Price estimates can also be given over the phone if the customer is able to provide good descriptions of what they require to the service provider.

2. After the inspection is done, the price will be agreed along with a time for the work to commence.