The Benefits Of Tree Trimming

All too often homeowners neglect caring for the trees on their property until it becomes absolutely necessary. There are many benefits to keeping a well maintenance lawn besides the aesthetic purposes. Sure, your propertys curb appeal will look far more presentable, but pruning and trimming your trees promote good health and development for them overall.

Pruning vs Trimming

The terms pruning and trimming are typically used interchangeably, but unexpected to most, there is a distinction between the two. When you are getting rid of the dead, loose, or infected branches, you are pruning. Trimming on the other hand, is when you are cutting down overgrown plants and parts of the tree. For instance, if the branches from your trees have grown to the point they are damaging the siding of your house, trimming becomes necessary.

Here are some of the main benefits of pruning and trimming regularly.

Insect and Pest Control

One of the first benefits of tree maintenance is that insects and other pests are better handled. If the animals that live in and use your trees to travel are not managed, there can be severe issues. Colonizing bugs such as Tent Worms build nests in trees and eat the surrounding foliage. While they might not necessarily kill the tree, they can cause and spread diseases with can weaken the tree and other plants. The increase likelihood of falling branches can arise. The insects may also find their way into your home if the tree branches are too close. Other unwanted pests can also gain access into your ceilings from branches if you do not keep them trimmed.


A more obvious advantage of plant maintenance is the security of your residential or commercial property. Dead and diseased branches create a major hazard to your home. By properly pruning your plants, especially trees, you are making sure that your home is safe. Vines and climbing plants are of special concern depending on how closely they are located to your homes siding. They can grow underneath the siding and pull it away from your homes structure.


For proper growth, plants need the right maintenance as well. When plants and trees lose their shape, they become weak and may not be able to support the entire tree or plant. Structurally trimming and pruning the trees regularly benefit them in the long run.

No homeowner wants to deal with an issue if it could have been avoided ahead of time. Regular tree trimming and pruning shrubs as necessary will ensure your home reaps the most benefit. Monitor your home’s landscape and make necessary maintenance as needed throughout the year for the best outcome. If you are in the Fresno, CA area, contact Tree Service Fresno for all your tree trimming and lawn service needs.

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