Is It Termites Or Carpenter Ants With Wings?

You do not have to get a full education on insects in order to maintain a home. But, some basic knowledge about the pests that commonly infest residences cant hurt. Consider termites. These insects are a huge problem that can seriously damage all kinds of buildings. You might see flying insects around your home and notice wood debris emerging in various areas. You immediately might consider this problem to be the work of termites. What if the pests doing all this damage were not termites at all but instead carpenter ants with wings? Keep reading or click here for more information. When you spot an infestation in your home, the better a description you can provide to your pest control expert the better they can help you out. This is because the specific type of pest doing the damage will need to be determined before a treatment plan can be devised and put into action.

Of all the 12,500 species of ants identified in the world, Carpenter ants are among the most common in the United States. They are usually black in color and they make themselves known by setting up nests that are connected together. Ants of all kinds work together in colonies with each type of ant doing a different job for the benefit of the whole colony. If you see black ants with wings around your home, these might be queen ants or, more likely they are swarmer ants. Swarmers have the job of leaving the connected nests to start new nests or to help in the reproduction of more carpenter ants. If you see flying black insects and it is springtime this is just one clue that carpenter ants are setting up colonies in and around your home. They will make nests in wood but do this usually around pipes, leaky doors and windows and door jambs. They, like many other ant species, love moisture.

The reason it is so imperative to have a pest control expert come to make sure that carpenter ants are your problem and not termites is so that the most effective treatment can begin. Another clue that you have ants and not termites is that you will see ants marching towards their respective nests. Termites leave piles of wood debris tunnels behind. Baits are sometimes effective at getting rid of carpenter ants even the ones with wings. If they have completed several nests, however, your treatment plan will be much more extensive.