Why You Should Start Using Green Cleaning Today!

Life gets hectic, and sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to get around to cleaning your house. This is where hiring a maid service specializing in using environmentally friendly products and methods comes in. Not only does a green cleaning service restore order to your home or office, but it also keeps you and your environment healthy. Here are a few ways green cleaning gives you a great clean without all the hazards of traditional cleaning equipment.

When you use a green cleaning service, you cut down on the antibacterials used. Both the FDA and the AMA have stated that antibacterial soap does not hold any real advantage over traditional soap. Antibacterial soap usually has some ingredients that can compromise your health and make you less likely to respond to antibiotics for infections later on. To add insult to injury, antibacterial cleaning soap usually costs even more than traditional soap, making environmentally responsible cleaning both economically savvy and personally healthy.

Another advantage of this is the air quality of your home is preserved. If you’ve ever been around high strength cleaning products, you most likely have inhaled the caustic odors. These odors can contain dangerous chemicals that can lead to discomfort, including a cough and a sore throat. On the other hand, when you hire a green cleaner, no chemicals are used, and so this caustic odor is replaced with a pleasant smell.

Typically, one of the first things done during cleaning is spraying everything down once. These sprays usually don’t have a bad odor, but for those predisposed, this standard cleaning spray can trigger asthma. Even absorbing these chemicals by touching materials that have been sprayed with it can contribute to this problem. By using traditional cleaning products, you not only spend more money, but you also increase the chance of spending countless amounts of money on healthcare bills.

The cleaning industry typically does not label its products well. This can lead consumers into believing that their products are much safer than they really are. When you hire a green cleaning service or use green products, you almost always will be able to tell from the product’s bottle what materials are in it. There’s no more need to search on the internet to make sure certain cleaning products aren’t linked to health complications. With a green cleaner, you can rest assured that, even though the labeling is much more transparent, there’s no need to be wary of the contents.