Simple Roof Repairs

Usually we would recommend hiring professionals when it comes to roofing issues as they can be dangerous and time consuming, however, there are some simple and everyday issues that every person handy with their tools can tend to them.
Some of the most usual issues that happen and do not require getting professionals on site are broken shingles or slates, broken or missing tiles and damaged valley. We are presenting you the best methods to deal with these things on your own.
Depending on the shingles you already have, you need to pick the method you are going to use. Different methods are used if you have wooden, asphalt, clay or concrete shingles.

Think about buying a slate ripper in case you need to change a lot of slates. If not, then opt for a hacksaw blade.
Have in mind that when you are working with wooden shingles, there is a chance that you are dealing with leakages rather than breakages so think about waterproofing and replace all the cracked shingles, as they will allow moisture to penetrate the roof. On the other hand, asphalt shingles are the easiest to work with and since they are pretty flexible, you will have an easier job replacing them.
When working with wooden shingles, use a saw, with the asphalt ones prefer utility knife and get an angle grinder for clay and concrete tiles.
Score a slate with a sharp nail and simply snap them.
When repairing a valley, have in mind that they can be manufactured from lead, tin, plastic or special valley tiles or shingles. When you need to repair the valley, first, you need to strip the tiles, slates or shingles that lie along the edge of it and have the structure open for easier approach. When you replace the damaged part, you need to put back the tiles, so try to number them before you take them out in the first place. Depending on the type of valley you have (Asphalt open, lead, single woven) decide which technique to use.
When you are working with tiles with nibs, they are most probably fixed in place by nails. You need to cut them so you can take the tile out. Insert wooden pegs under the tiles that hold it down and when they are lifted enough, you can unhook it and take it out. When the damaged tile is out, position and hook a new tile. Dont forget to make sure that it is properly attached. Remove the wooden pegs, or wedges from under the tiles that hold it down and check t see if you have done it right and the new tile sits properly next to the neighboring tiles.
When working with slates remove the damaged and loose piece and cut the nails that hold it in place with a saw. Nail a lead strip so that you leave two inches peaking from under the new slate. That way when you insert the new slate, you can bend the strip and form a securing hook.

To change a wooden shingle, first you need to remove the broken one with a chisel and hammer. Take measurements of how big the new shingle should be. Lift the upper shingle and insert the new one. Use a nail as a securing hook.
In case you have laminate shingles to deal with, use a pry bar to take off the nails and remove it completely. Slide a new shingle in place and nail it in position. Hide the nails holding it into place by hitting them with the pry bar so that they go further in the base.

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