How To Repair Home Garage Door And Panel

Like a sentinel, a garage door protects the homeowners properties, such as cars, trucks, and power tools, from natures elements like rain, the harsh sun, snow, and strong winds.

The garage door is the one that experiences the most wear and tear. As time passes by, the door can become loose in the hinges, or become warped with constant opening and closing. Another concern that can possibly happen is that the garage door itself needs to be replaced. Sometimes, one or two panels need to be fixed.

Planning is the key when doing a major garage door repair. Repair jobs should be done when no major events are happening in the home such as reunions or birthday parties, and interrupting such events can be quite embarrassing.

It is also a good idea for the homeowner to be present during the repairs in case questions are to be asked of the repairman assigned. Discussions can include an estimate of how much repair is to be done, whether its fixing the entire or portions of panels of the garage door.

Here are the steps to be taken in the home garage door repair of a dented or broken door panel:

– Contacting the manufacturer. Look for their customer service number in the manual provided. The websites Contact Us page of a home garage door repair website can also help in other services. Please consider the following information when making an inquiry:

1) The availability of the model and parts for your garage door installed.
2) The delivery time for the door or panel.
3) Warranty for problems that may occur during shipping or handling of the door.
4) The name of the company if a third party delivery service is used.

– Call up the nearest repairman or garage repair company within the area as soon as the replacement panel or door arrives. The company should have great customer feedback and reviews from clients who availed of their service.

– If one is opting for a DIY, make sure to read the manual carefully when installing the garage door. For safety reasons, there should be two people doing a DIY repair.

– Observe safety measures while repairing the garage door like wearing safety goggles and removing the automatic garage door opener from its power source. If the garage door opens manually, make sure to secure it from falling down while repairs are being made.

– Remove the dented or warped panel, one by one, or the whole garage door with the correct power tools such as a hammer, ratchet, screwdriver, power drill, and socket.

– Reattach the replacement panels or the whole garage door. Make sure that all hinges are fitted and joined.

– Manually test if the door opens and closes smoothly without a feeling of heaviness.