Raise A Good Roof With Steel Roof Trusses

A house will not be complete without the roof. The roof is so vital in its structure since it does not only provide shelter from harsh weather conditions but it also gives a sense of security. The saying raise a good roof points out the purpose of a house, which is a place of refuge and protection.

The type of roof may differ based on the weather, culture, and economic status of the dweller in the case of residential houses, as well as the type and purpose of the infrastructure in the case of commercial and industrial buildings.

It is said that just as the foundation of the house is vital in establishing the integrity of the structure, so is its roof. A good quality roof must withstand all the elements: strong winds, heavy rain, hail storm, and heavy snowfall. A good roof must keep all the water and moisture out.

Years of experimentation boosted by technological advancements has led to innovations in the structure, design, and materials of roofs leaving customers with an array of choices in roofing styles. Among the innovations in roofing systems is the use of steel roof trusses.

Steel roof trusses are prefabricated roofing support system. These are engineered light gauge steel trusses that are constructed from C-shaped metal studs. Each truss is a triangulated system of straight interconnected structures. The system makes use of a series of triangles because this is a stable geometric shape that is not easily distorted even when under stress.
It is manufactured with such precision to ensure accuracy of dimensions, durability and superiority of strength. Since these are relatively lightweight it is easily transported and its prefabricated design makes it easy and fast to install.

Other reasons why more construction companies are using steel roof trusses include its being more friendly to the environment. There is no need to cut more trees to make the trusses. Besides, steel trusses are lighter than wood trusses. It is also more economical since the price of steel is more stable which means that it does not fluctuate as much as the price of wood does.

Unlike wood, steel trusses do not crack or splinter nor expand or shift as a reaction to weather conditions. Also, steel is non-combustible making it resistant to fire and other devastating events. In addition, steel roof trusses are resistant to termites and other pests that may pose a threat to the building.

Finally, insurance companies consider steel famed buildings to withstand damages well; therefore, lower premiums are required.