What You Should Know About Door Shutters For Your Living Space

Plantation shutters have been an extremely popular choice for many homes and business and over the years are becoming more sought to compliment a wide variety of décor choices. The reasons for their popularity include being low maintenance, simple enough to install yourself (if you wish) and unlike curtains will not collect household smells from cooking or an indoor fire.

In the past, the main reason for choosing plantation shutters for doors was to increase privacy and security. Theyre also a great way to balance how much light you let into your home which is something that is difficult to do with traditional curtains. In addition, the mentioned benefits the main reason people are opting for door shutters is because of their aesthetic look. They not only look great but they can also increase the homes value.

You can purchase door shutters for all size and shapes of doors rather than having to make do with a door dressing thats as close as possible. They are available in a huge range of colours and materials which will allow them to fit in with an array of décor. If you go for a neutral colour you will even be able to keep them if you choose to change the colour scheme in the room you have added them to. You can read more here.

Dont panic if your door is not a standard rectangular shape as even the strangest shaped doors can be fitted with shutters specially made for them. Even conservatory doors can benefit from the gorgeous shutters and you dont even need to cover the whole door to increase your privacy and adapt light filtration.

There are two different types of shutters to choose from for your door and they are slatted and solid. The slatted types are similar to blinds and are generally made from wood. They can be opened to let in as little or as much sunlight as you want yet are made from high quality materials so will last a lot longer than blinds.

The solid wooden types give you more privacy and can even help boost security level thanks to the locking mechanism. They need very little maintenance and cannot only keep light out but also allergens helping you to feel more comfortable when indoors.

The shutters can be created from solid wood that comes in a few panels allowing you to fold them back or completely cover the door on which they are fitted. You can find older versions of the modern plantation shutters on old period homes, but today we have a better choice of materials to suit differing tastes and needs.

When you close your door shutters you can benefit from lower energy bills as well as increased security. When you open them up wide you can enjoy the spaciousness they provide and can be altered to let in different levels of light to accent certain parts of the room, or just keep the exterior light of your television and/or tech screens.