Golden Tips For Moving House

You’re moving to a new house and you’ve realized there’s a lot standing between you and the big day, but you can check off step 1 finding your moving company with our checklist by your side you’ll make sure that you won’t miss a thing. we’ve come up with a list of 3 things to do in each step before the big day from one month away to the day
itself let’s begin with a few weeks before.

Step One:

Plan what you’re going to take making an inventory of your belongings it would be useful for you to see what you really have and be useful for the movers to estimate space and cost. Draw a plan of the new house and decide exactly what you’re going to take with you or what you’re going to give away or sell, you’ll also want to decide whether you want to pack yourself or if you want a removals service to do the
packing for you.

Step Two:

If you do the packing yourself make sure to have the right tools, it’ll be a lot easier start with packing and sorting what you don’t really use. It’s a good idea to start with the
garage, attic and basement, they’re often filled with treasures and other odds and ends you might even find some hidden treasures in the hidden hideaway you totally forgot about. Well maybe not but a good old-fashioned yard sale might take them off your hands, even if you’re not packing yourself sorting through your possessions may take a while allow yourself plenty of time to get through it all. Create a file of important documents related to the move contracts, receipts, insurance information, rental
agreements etc keep a notebook for to-do lists notes on phone conversations and
recommendations from friends. If your employer is contributing to the move
make sure to keep a careful track of all documents related to the charges
involved with the move.

Step Three:

You can register your change of address with the post office online or by picking up a card in your local post office. They recommend registering the change of address at least a couple of weeks before you want the mail to start being forwarded. Make a list of people and companies you need to notify, including telephone, electric, internet
and cable services. You may have some packing under your belt but there’s more to go and there’s also some other people to keep in the loop about your moving plans. More Info to be found Here .

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