How To Find A Reliable And Trustworthy Locksmith

Locksmiths are more popularly known for picking locks when weve been locked out of our homes or cars. But is that all there is to locksmiths? Of course, not. They have their own specializations just like a doctor has. Locksmiths can also install, repair, rekey, or even make locks. They specialize in the first line of defenses of our properties, not just breaking in.

Having said that, how can we trust someone to do a good job in securing our homes? The key is to find someone you can trust. Here are a number of ways you can find someone reliable:

From Your Neighbors and Contacts

Do you have that neighbor who keeps locking himself out? You might want to ask that neighbor if he has someone he repeatedly calls during such emergencies. Ask your friends or even other neighbors you dont speak to. If they are happy with a certain locksmiths job, then you have a lead you can consider.

From the Internet

We are in the digital age and almost all information can be found online. Take advantage of the internet and look for reputable locksmiths near you. You can also check reviews and recommendations from forums, blogs, or other websites.

From Your Own Town or City

If you were accidentally locked out of your home, you would want someone to reach you in no time. So, looking for a locksmith in your area would be a good idea. Ask locals or just drive around and you are bound to spot one. If its an establishment and has been around for years, then thats a sign of reputability. But, still, its a good idea to ask previous customers first if they were satisfied.

If you don’t have time to scout the neighborhood for one, look up the internet. Some locksmiths are obviously local just by the sound of their name. For an example of this, click here.

You can then establish a connection with your local locksmith. This way, you are building trust between the two of you.

From an Association

Its a good sign if hes associated to a locksmith organization. But check the association first. A simple search on Google will reveal information about them. If you find the association reliable enough, then you can probably trust its member to do a good job for you. Most associations require a set of qualifications and even tests before granting a locksmith membership.


If youve found someone you think you can trust, perform one more check to see if hes reputable. Of course, youre going to have to ask for his credentials. He should have some form of document to prove that hes a locksmith or that hes a member of a certain association. Now that you have checked his credentials, he should check yours.

He has to verify if you are indeed the owner of the house, business, or a car. He has to check your ID, ownership documents, among others. If he does this, then you can be sure that he values doing an honorable job.

Lastly, if you already have a locksmith you can rely on, be sure to recommend him or his business to your neighbors so they have a contact to call in emergency situations.