From The Dumpster Where Does The Trash Go To?

Waste disposal is an important part of our everyday life because waste can have dire effects on the environment. Do you wonder what happens when waste is picked up by your dumpster rental company? Where do they take it to? Is it recycled? Is it the waste in the landfills? Read on and you will understand what happens when trash is hauled away in the dumpsters. From the dumpster, the garbage can have different disposal options depending on the kind of trash.

Immediately from the customer:
Transfer stations these are central points where the dumpsters take the trash before the trash can be taken to the landfill. The transfer station allows the dumpster rental company to collect more trash around the area before it can be transported to the final destination. Also at the transfer station the trash is consolidated and compacted so that it can be transported easily over long distances to the final destination. Transfer stations therefore are usually close to the area where the dumpster rental company operates.

Material recovery facilities – they use technology such as magnets, shredders and current seperators to sort out trash.
After the trash is sorted out and compacted for transport, it is then taken to either one of these facilities:

Landfill the landfill is the most common option for disposing solid waste. The landfill dumping laws determine how trash is disposed off in the landfills. There are rules governing what kind of waste should be put in the landfills. This also is the reason why most dumpster rental companies will also put restrictions on what can be disposed of in the dumpsters. Most all allow you to rent a dumpster for debris removal.

Recycling facilities these are facilities that take up waste and use it to create new products. Recycling facilities usually take solid waste like plastics, aluminum, paper, and glass and use these products to produce new products. Recycling is highly emphasized and encouraged and have been on the rise over the years.

Composters these are facilities that use food waste and agricultural waste to make compost that can be used in the farms.

Incinerators these are facilities that burn trash. They have large furnaces that are capable of turning trash into ash hence helping to completely get rid of it. The furnaces are maintained at very high temperatures so they can be able to burn through most of the waste that brought. Incineration helps to reduce the amount of waste in the landfills and the incineration facilities are used to produce electricity which runs the facility and can be put back into the grid.

Anaerobic digesters these are facilities that turn organic waste into fertilizers and also produce energy. They take in food waste and organic waste from farms.