Domestic Vs. Commercial Cleaning: There’s A Difference

Whether you’re a homeowner, an entrepreneur, or someone who wants to start a cleaning service business, it would be smart to know the difference between residential and commercial cleaning services. Some business owners make the mistake of thinking that cheaper domestic cleaning services are enough to cover the needs of their facilities. Likewise, some homeowners unwisely contract commercial cleaning agencies and get tied up with expensive services that they don’t really need. First of all, domestic cleaning is usually done during daytime. Meanwhile, commercial cleaning is often carried out in the evenings or on weekends when the employees are not present in the facility.

Clients who avail of domestic cleaning services are usually more demanding on tiny details. Meanwhile, with commercial cleaning customers, the most important thing is for the cleaners to complete the stipulations stated in the contact within the specified schedule. Good companies like are worth their weight in gold. That said, some facilities require cleaners to have specialized training like biohazard waste disposal. For the cleaning service operator, this may mean having separate crews wherein one specializes in residential cleaning while the other concentrates on more extensive commercial services like washing exterior windows and stripping and finishing floors. Note that domestic cleaning involves entering the client’s personal space and handling his/her personal belongings and for this reason, issues on confidentiality are more sensitive.

Commercial cleaning will require more cleaners. This includes supervisors to manage the cleaning crew. If you’re opening a cleaning service business, you’ll find that it’s more challenging to look for staff who are willing to work in the night shift. Since domestic cleaning is done during daylight where cleaners meet with the clients, it is essential for employees to be personable and to possess good communication skills. On the other hand, with commercial cleaners, more value is placed on how many square feet per hour each employee can cover.

Commercial cleaning services are more expensive than residential cleaning because industrial cleaning products and equipment usually costs higher and commercial cleaning methods are more complex. For instance, domestic carpet cleaning merely requires vacuuming while commercial carpet cleaning involves steam cleaning. Mops and buckets are fine for housework but cleaning building floors require machines. Domestic clients may have special preferences when it comes to cleaning products. Customers can insist that the cleaners use natural cleansers like vinegar and baking soda for safety purposes.

When it comes to payment, domestic cleaners are paid on the spot while commercial cleaning service providers are often under contract and they’ll have to provide a monthly invoice before getting paid. Both commercial and residential cleaning service providers should offer free assessment of the facility or home prior to giving a quote. That said, for cleaning service operators, snagging commercial customers may involve a bidding process so it’s more time-consuming. Lastly, commercial and residential cleaning service companies differ greatly when it comes to marketing strategies. If you’re planning on opening a domestic cleaning agency, a catchy and friendly name will work best for you. On the other hand, if you’re starting a commercial cleaning company, a name like “Spick and Span and Sparkly” is less likely to appeal to huge businesses.