Custom Window Treatments And Your Home

Store-bought is overrated. Many people are unaware of the benefits of custom-made window
decoration, but hopefully after reading this they will have some idea.

Before getting into the actual designs, there are some factors that should be considered before
removing your existing adornment. Decide how you’d like your curtains to function (e.g. privacy, light,
safety for children). After you’ve made this decision, focus on the theme you’d like to achieve. This will
be related to your curtains style, fabric, color, and curtain rod.

Here are a few of the ways you can create beauty in your home just by remodeling your windows d├ęcor.

To give your room a sophisticated look that promises upscale chic, floor-to-ceiling curtains, or draperies,
in neutral cream, gray, or beige are an excellent choice. When you want a classy look it’s a great idea to
use a thick, ornate curtain rod.

For a simpler elegant look, heavy curtains placed below the tray ceiling are great for a formal dining
area. Hung from unadorned rings, and held back with muted ties, this look can provide natural light for
your guests.

An option for the outdoors
While the outdoors is magnificent, you may want to merge your indoor and outdoor settings. One way
to accomplish this is by using opaque, but thin curtains. This will allow the breeze to blow into your
porch or deck while still providing privacy. Make sure to purchase fabrics that are easily washed and
resistant to weather conditions.

Bold Beauty
To add personality to your home, Roman shades may be the answer. They come in a variety of designs
that can fit any style you’d like. These are great if you want to try an unpredictable beauty or harder-to-
spot color matching. Some bold patterns include ikat and sea greens.

If you’d like a gender-neutral look, Roman shades with a latticed pattern provide an equal mix of
masculine and feminine vibes.

If you want to add beauty, and romance, to a feminine room you may want to try puff-top floor length
billowing draperies. Muted yellows and pinks will complete the look. Use an understated tie to bathe
this room in a soft light.

Purchasing Roman shades, or curtains, with a large print, and contrasting colors, can add a modern twist
to any room in your home. In the past, it was common to see multi-colored floral prints on heavy
curtains, and furniture, but this style is easily avoidable.
These window treatments can be combined with valances, sheer or heavy curtains, or stenciled phrases
if you’d like. Some designers used bamboo, pleats, and specialized paint to add beauty to their homes.
Final note: Make sure all hardware is securely placed and decoration in children’s rooms is not easily

Enjoy your home and the creativity used to make it your own!

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