Common Home Improvement Projects In The Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is the number one home improvement project in the United States, followed closely by the kitchen. These larger-scale renovations tend to be costlier, because of the infrastructure that is often impacted (i.e. plumbing!). However, projects such as these also tend to reap greater rewards in the market.

When it comes to bathrooms, its no longer just about applying a fresh new coat of some whimsical or subdued color of paint. But what, exactly, can be done to a bathroom to make it such a popular area to improve? Well, a number of things

Creating more space

One of the top reasons for renovating a bathroom is to create more space. This is especially true when a couple expands their family. Making a bathroom larger can be accomplished by either removing a wall or storage area, such as a linen closet, to physically provide more space. Creating space in the bathroom can also take place by rearranging the layout of the room. It can also be some combination of the two.

Separate shower and tub

Another common bathroom project is the installation of separate shower and bathtub facilities. This definitely contradicts the above project, but is a popular one nonetheless. This usually takes place in larger washrooms, and en-suites, in particular.

The toilet trend

A recently emerging trend in bathroom home improvement is the idea of hiding the toilet. What this means, essentially, is that the toilet portion of the bathroom is placed in a smaller room, within the room. This provides extra privacy, and can actually function as a means of efficiency for busier households. In other words, multiple household members can have access to the washroom, without impeding on the others privacy. Think early morning preparations with multiple children!

The environmental touch

It turns out there is also an element of practicality in the way of the more popular home improvement projects related to the bathroomenvironmental consciousness.

Over the last number of years, homeowners have undertaking smaller projects, which aim to not only help the environment, but also their wallet. These small measures also help to improve the value of the house, if placed on the market.

Examples of these environmentally friendly projects include installing low flush toilets, water efficient sink faucets and showerheads, as well as energy efficient lighting. There has even been a newer trend of installing electronic taps, which activate when you put your hands under the faucet. Interestingly, many of these projects have been modelled after public washroomsrestaurants in particular.

Stylish designs

This move towards environmentally sustainable bath-wares has also led to replacing older bathtubs, showers and sinks to more stylish ones. This includes more modern looking sink basins, or bathtubs with a more classic look. Like some of the examples provided in the previous section, a lot of these improvement projects have been inspired by restaurants and other higher-end public washrooms.

So, while the bathroom has not, traditionally, been a place of beauty, the trend towards functionality and flair has really caught on. Simplicity and environmental consciousness can give you an element of style, while also helping you to keep money in your pocket.

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