Buying Ac Replacement Parts

If your air conditioning unit breaks down, then it’s important that you get it fixed promptly, even if it’s at a time of year when you don’t run it much, because if you wait until the weather is hot and clammy, then you will find that it takes a very long time to get an appointment, and you’ll be stuck without any AC for that time.

If you are comfortable with working with electricity, and know how to use a multimeter, then you might be able to get away with trying to repair your AC unit yourself. There are a few components that fail commonly, including the air conditioning motor, and the compressor. Often, it’s not actually the whole part that is broken, but rather something simple like a relay or a capacitor that is a small part, and that is easy to replace, but that will bring the whole unit to a standstill while it is broken.

Before you rush out and buy AC unit replacement parts, though, think carefully about what the problem might be, and test the unit properly. You can usually find the manufacturer’s documentation for your AC unit online, and can use that to help you diagnose any problems. Don’t start poking around inside the unit and replacing components unless you know what you are doing, and know that the power supply to the unit has been deactivated. Electricity is a dangerous thing and you must respect it, otherwise you could do serious harm to yourself.

If your air conditioner is more than about eight years old, you might find that it is very expensive to repair it (unless the problem is something simple like a clogged condenser), so in that case it’s worth getting an expert opinion before you start work.

We know how critical it is to have your air conditioner working in Arizona, we use them almost all year long. Having a reliable unit that performs at its peak efficiency is a major priority. There is nothing worse than having a broken A/C in the summer (or a broken heater when we are having a rare cold front). Rescue One Air specializes in ac replacement and are here to rescue you from the hot summer sun. Our technicians arrive promptly when dispatched, perform quality and reliable inspections, and offer you affordable solutions to all of your heating and cooling needs. Our priority is to rescue your comfort and piece of mind!